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Paris/Athènes Magazine aims to present the best of the capital, its districts, its cafes, its shops, its local art, its creators, its inspired and inspiring artists. We also give voice to all those who, having fallen in love with the capital, have decided to settle there.

ALPHA-OMEGA2024 Lucky Charm by Zeus+Δione

2024 Lucky Charm by Zeus+Δione

Zeus+Dione offers its own interpretation of the number 24 through the prism of ancient Greek script, rooted in history and evolving from its Phoenician origins. By the 4th century BC, the Euclidean alphabet, boasting 24 letters from alpha to omega, had risen to the gold standard.

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20 novembre 2023

CALLAS AW ’23By Zeus+Δione

By Zeus+Δione

Zeus+Δione and its artistic director, Marios Schwab, dedicate a collection to the diva. Incredibly powerful, expressive proposals that fully embody the personality of La Callas.

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27 octobre 2023

Bellezza,Cosmopolitan Creations

Cosmopolitan Creations

At the editorial office of Paris/Athènes Magazine, we were captivated not only by the luminous creations of BELLEZZA but also by its creator, Bettina. A radiant and endearing personality.

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26 octobre 2023

Surfin’ GazaAlexander Klein

Surfin’ Gaza
Alexander Klein

"Surfin’ Gaza" by Alexander Klein has been with us for over 10 years. We regularly flip through its pages to remind ourselves that anything is possible. That the intelligence of some will prevail over the hatred of others. Because we are all affected, in our origins, in our lives, and especially in our daily lives today, by these incessant conflicts and their grim consequences. This book keeps our hope alive.

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14 octobre 2023

Yorgaki presents :Et Zeus créa la Feta

Yorgaki presents :
Et Zeus créa la Feta

Feeling down with back-to-school season ? While you wait to pack your bags again, indulge in the flavors of your holidays. Yorgaki Café not only opens the doors to its kitchen but also offers you all the essential Greek recipes, not to mention… the famous Café frappé.

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27 septembre 2023

Greg’s Spetses Horses,Time on pause

Greg’s Spetses Horses,
Time on pause

As the summer gently comes to an end, the late season is the perfect time to discover the island in a different way, and we choose to do it on horseback. Greg's Spetses Horses is a sublime place, run by a Greek-British family, as caring as they are generous.

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3 septembre 2023

The Lost Daughter,Celebrating Spetses

The Lost Daughter,
Celebrating Spetses

If you haven't yet seen the unmissable "The Lost Daughter," available on Netflix since last year, now is the perfect time. Spetses takes center stage in this now iconic film by Maggie Gyllenhaal, starring Olivia Colman, nominated multiple times and awarded at the Venice Film Festival.

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10 août 2023



Between Charalampia and Paris/Athènes Magazine, it was love at first sight. We were captivated by the character of these jewelry pieces, seemingly simple but laden with meaning. We also adore the durability of these creations, faithfully accompanying us every summer and illuminating our outfits.

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25 juillet 2023

Azure SpetsesCabinet of curiosities

Azure Spetses
Cabinet of curiosities

Located in the heart of the renowned Stavros Niarchos street, the brand-new Azure Spetses boutique proudly exhibits the works of the most celebrated Greek designers, offering contemporary jewelry with traditional influences.

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17 juillet 2023

Deceptive Realities by…Alexandra Doré

Deceptive Realities by…
Alexandra Doré

Alexandra Doré works in the form of digital collage, seamlessly integrating logos onto images to challenge the original meaning of the image. The result is new images that defy viewers' perception. The artist is currently exhibiting at the Allouche Benias gallery until September 6, 2023.

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15 juillet 2023

“Immortelle” collection by…Yannis Sergakis

“Immortelle” collection by…
Yannis Sergakis

Elegance, authenticity, emotion. These are a few words that summarize the "Immortelle" collection designed by Yannis Sergakis. Each person can interpret it in their own way, just like the author did with this fragment of a marble column. One thing is certain, this piece of jewelry is full of meaning. It is a talisman that will never leave us.

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14 juillet 2023